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The students who have graduated (we have a formal graduation) from EduCare when it first opened are now young adults and when returning to visit, tell us of their successes in high school or college and feel strongly that the experiences, both academic and social, they received early on at our facility clearly paved the way for them feeling confident when they entered school. That confidence has helped them succeed. These students' testimonies, we feel, validate our approach to education!
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About Educare Preschool and Child Care
Please call us for questions or better yet, visit our facility. Take a tour of our classrooms and visit with our Teachers and Management Team. To request more information about our facility, click the button below.
EduCare opened for business in September of 1997 with owners Roger & Tammy Wright. The current owner, Laurie O'Leary, M.Ed., purchased the business in June 2012 and prides herself on following the Wright's philosophies in quality preschool and child care.
The building was completely remodeled before it opened in 1997, and specifically designed to be a child care center. Each room is sized to accommodate smaller classes and is specifically dedicated to one age group. Each room has its own bathroom and sink. The toilets in the 2 - 3 year old classroom are smaller and therefore less imposing, to accommodate an easier "potty training" experience. 
Each classroom has a dedicated teacher assigned to the room. Because the teachers have the responsibility of their own classroom, they use their creativity to develop and personalize their rooms as well as the way they teach. Each teacher creates their own curriculum which is overseen by the Team Manager to ensure consistent, quality learning; but, it is left to the teachers creativity as to how they present each day's learning experience. We believe, because of this teaching approach, the creativity in the classrooms really show through in the children's daily activities.

EduCare's focus on the "whole child" experience uses a blend of Early Childhood and Elementary Education disciplines. This balance is well suited to prepare each student with the social-emotional, physical and academic requirements necessary for a seamless transition into kindergarten. This process starts when your child first attends our center, whether they start as an infant or older. Our program is continuously updated, as necessary, to ensure the best possible learning experience for your child. We believe in continuous improvement and are always looking for ways we can do so.
Some Photos of Educare Preschool and Child Care's Classrooms